You’re thinking about booking your next holiday, and can we just say, good on you! After the first half of this year, we could all use some time away to relax, reflect, and recharge. Now, before you go booking a weekend away, try this on for size. 

What if we said your holiday could be…

  • in pristine South Coast holiday accommodation on the beach
  • within award-winning lodgings  that are amenities-rich and stunningly designed
  • peaceful and private without the holiday congestion 

Sounds good, doesn’t it? When you book a mid-week vacation with Laguna Lodge, the best accommodation Sussex Inlet has to offer; you’ll be getting all that and more. 

Why mid-week?

It’s not the usual time to take a holiday, we know. However, there are so many perks to taking a mid-week holiday! 

  • You deserve it. Anyone can take a weekend vacation, but it’s a real luxury to book South Coast cottage accommodation for a Tuesday night! 
  • You’re guaranteed peace and quiet. While screaming kids and noisy holiday-getters are fun sometimes, who doesn’t want the beach all to themselves now and then?
  • Do what you want, when you want. If you’re going to play nine holes at the Sussex Inlet Golf Club, you can book your game for when it suits you rather than when there’s a spot available. 
  • You still get your weekend. After your holiday is done and dusted, you still have Saturday and Sunday to lounge around at home! You can unpack at your own pace and prepare yourself for the week ahead. 

Why Sussex Inlet? 

Where do we even start?! 

  • Enjoy the absolute best of the South Coast’s natural beauty. If you’re looking for soft white sands, crystal clear water, and plenty of opportunities to immerse yourself in picturesque scenery, you really can’t look past Sussex Inlet. 
  • Swim at some of Australia’s most scenic beaches and creeks. Berrara Creek, Greenfield Beach picnic area, and Wandanian Creek are all nearby our South Coast holiday cabins. 
  • Keep active and outdoors. Whether it’s kayaking up the Wandanian Creek, hiking the 22km Heath Circuit, or biking along the Walter Hood Ride from Cidmirrah, there are so many fantastic ways to immerse yourself in the wonder of the South Coast’s Sussex Inlet. 
  • Try something new. Maybe you’ve always wanted to try paddle boarding but never got around to it? There’s no time like the present! There are so many new things to see and do, all of which are a short drive from your Sussex Inlet holiday accommodation here at Laguna Lodge. 
  • Don’t do anything at all. No one is forcing you to be out and about; it’s your holiday, so spend it how you want! Laguna Lodge’s Sussex Inlet accommodation offers a pool, communal BBQ area, and private jetty for the days when you just want to stay in. 

Why Laguna Lodge? 

Laguna Lodge offers holiday-makers premium South Coast holiday accommodation on the river. We adore our picturesque location nearby to some of the most beautiful untouched waterways this country has to offer. That’s why we’ve built the Laguna Lodge lifestyle around waterfront living. You’re going to love…

  • Our stunning rooms. We offer South Coast cottage accommodation on the waterfront and thoughtfully designed pool-side units. Each of our lodgings is fully furnished and are perfect for a group, couples retreat or a family holiday.
  • Our unparalleled views. We have the great fortune of boasting unobstructed views all the way up the inlet to St George’s basin. 
  • Our solar heated pool. Whilst visiting us, you’ll be able to enjoy a peaceful swim. 
  • Our family-run business. Laguna Lodge is more than just Sussex Inlet Holiday Accommodation; we’re a family-owned and operated business. At our Lodge, guests are treated as an extension of our family. 

Why Choose Laguna Lodge’s Accommodation in Sussex Inlet? 

Laguna Lodge’s private holiday accommodation on the south coast offers holidaymakers their piece of paradise with natural beauty all year round and an abundance of space to enjoy water activities. Regardless of what we say, don’t take our word for it. Come and experience the tranquil magic that is Laguna Lodge! If you’d like to enquire about our south coast cottage accommodation, you can contact us. Alternatively, you can book your next vacation with us at any time. We can’t wait to see you here.