One of the best things about renting a holiday house in Sussex Inlet is that no matter what time of year you choose to go, you’ll be met with beauty, relaxation, and a plethora of things to do. Each of the seasons presents new possibilities and different aspects of Sussex Inlet to enjoy, so we’ve listed a few of our favourite highlights of each season. For a real comparison of the south coast’s beautiful seasonal changes, however, make sure you stay with us at different times each time you book!


  • Bike riding around Heath Circuit. If being out in nature appeals to you, the 24km loop through the Conjola National Park is perfect for you. Starting and ending in Cudmirrah, this signposted bike trail is at it’s most beautiful in spring when the heathlands are flowering. If the prospect of cycling that far puts you off, the 13km route from Bendalong to the Walter Hood monument may be more appealing. 
  • Barefoot bowls at the Sussex Inlet Bowling Club. Barefoot bowls are a fun way to spend the day for people of any age. Enjoy the spring sunshine and a cold beer while you play a casual game of bowls with old friends or new friends. 
  • Hike around Berrara Creek. A popular spot for hiking, Berrara Creek is home to a host of native fauna and flora. The spring is an incredibly beautiful time to visit as all the flowers are in bloom, including the waratahs and wattle. It’s also the perfect time for bird watchers to come out, as there’s a chance you’ll see a rare Scarlet Honeyeater or Little Lorikeet.


  • Take a picnic to Greenfield Beach. With breathtakingly beautiful waters, Greenfield beach is the perfect place to while the day away swimming, snorkelling, and sitting in the sunshine. It is an ideal slice of Australian paradise. 
  • Enjoy a BBQ. Sometimes the summer heat takes it out of you. On those days, why leave your beautiful holiday home in Sussex Inlet? Laguna Lodge offers a communal BBQ area for all residents to use, so you can pick up some steaks and salad at the shop down the road and enjoy a leisurely lunch. 
  • Stand up paddle boarding. Pop down to the Sussex Inlet Marine Centre where you can hire out a paddleboard and enjoy a relaxing morning out on the crystal clear waters of the Sussex Inlet. 


  • Take a dip in the heated pool. Just because summer finished, doesn’t mean your window to enjoy a swim is over too. Laguna Lodge has a solar-heated pool for residents to enjoy all year round. Regardless of what time of year you stay in our holiday rentals at Sussex Inlet, there’ll always be a place to enjoy a dip. 
  • Kayak down Wandandian Creek. Located in the Corramy National Park, Wandandian Creek offers pristine beauty all year round. Autumn is a beautiful time to kayak leisurely down the creek to Tullarwalla Lagoon, taking in the peaceful scenery around you. 
  • Hire a scooter. Experience Sussex Inlet in a different way when you hire a scooter from the Sussex Inlet Marine Centre. Ride around town at your own pace and stop when you feel like it. 


  • Hiking around Conjola National Park. The parks and hiking trails around Sussex Inlet are quiet during winter, meaning you can enjoy the clear light and crisp air all to yourself. Immerse yourself in nature and take advantage of the serenity of the Conjola National Park. 
  • Go fishing. Whether you hire a boat from the Sussex Inlet Marine Centre or fish off the jetty back at your holiday house in Sussex Inlet, the fishing on the south coast is always fantastic. You could be in for a catch of whiting, Australian salmon, bream, dusky flathead, or snapper. 
  • Have a few rounds of golf. The Sussex Inlet Golf Club is stunningly unique, as it’s holes are populated with an array of native wildlife. Listen out for a variety of bird calls, see the wallabies chewing grass while watching you with half interest, and enjoy the peaceful sights and sounds of nature as you play. 
  • Whale-watching at Greenfield beach. There are often sightings of humpback whales off the shores of Greenfield beach in the winter. Keep an eye out for them as they migrate north for the colder months. They’ll probably be joined by pods of dolphins as well, so keep watch!

Why Book Laguna Lodge Holiday Rentals in Sussex Inlet? 

No matter what time of year you visit Sussex Inlet, you’ll be surrounded by natural beauty. Laguna Lodge’s self-contained Sussex Inlet holiday rentals allow you to immerse yourself in your slice of heaven on NSW’s south coast to relax and revive. Whether you’re looking for a jam-packed week full of fun activities or you’re looking to sit by the water and do nothing for a few days, Laguna Lodge is the perfect vacation spot for you. If you’d like to enquire about our holiday rentals in Sussex Inlet, don’t hesitate to contact us or book your next vacation with us at any time.